Quick disconnectors & wire

hello guys, this is my first post here, so be nice :wink:

well i’m modding an arcade stick and decided to use quick dis. for the buttons. i know the width is 2,8 mm… is there anythink else to think about?

question 2: what kind of wire is used best to wire up the stick and buttons?

thx in advance


Hey and welcome!

You need to keep in mind that there are two sizes of q.d’s, the smaller are for sanwa/seimitsu buttons and the larger are for Happ and some other makes. (someone correct me if I’m wrong!) Just make sure you get the right ones, and a crimping tool may be useful.

I tend to use stranded wire, but you don’t want the strands too thick or too thin because then they can be a pain to solder or break (respectively).

Have fun! :smile:

i can buy these qds:

2.8X0.5 1.5-2.5
2.8X0.8 1.5-2.5
2.8X0.5 0.75-1.5

stranden wire also comes in different sizes… which one is best to handle? the 24?

24 guage stranded wire is what I recommend for just about everything.
The QD’s are usually noted by their width in inches. The QD’s for sanwa and seimitsu buttons are .110" wide, while the QD’s the Happ’s buttons and sticks is .187" wide.

An important parameter is the thickness of the tab that’s meant to plug into the disconnect. The tabs on Sanwa and Seimitsu switches are 0.5mm but I know of disconnects for 0.8mm tabs (not gaming stuff I suppose). So you should get 2.8x0.5 and avoid 2.8x0.8. Then you have the size of the wire and insulation sections (in case of open barrell disconnects). Since the wire gauge you want to use for padhacking purposes should be either 24awg or 22awg, then you have to choose your disconnects accordingly.

BTW, 2.8mm is the metric equivalent of .110"

ill stick with 2.5x0.5 and 1.5-2.5 since wire diameter will be 24!thanks everyone!

hmmm no, 1.5-2.5 is for very very thick wires (16-14awg). You should rather go with the 0.75-1.5 type (18-16awg) which is still too thick but closer to what you would need (0.20-0.30 = 24-22awg).

oh i see, thanks!

Silly question on the same topic… I’m having a hell of a time finding a store that sells the right female quick disconnects.

In fact, the only ones I’ve been able to find are 12 packs (six of two sizes, both incorrect) for $4 at The Source (they bought out RadioShack in Canada). The place I live is of moderate size; people from cities think it’s a town, but people from towns think it’s a city. I need a bazillion of FQD’s in both Happ and Sanwa sizes, for current and future projects.

Are most of you guys just ordering them off the Internet or is this something you can find no problem in a (real) city?


I’d recommend a car parts shop. I can get a bag of 100 q.d’s for around $8 in any size from my local car shop. It’s worth asking anyway and it will probably be your cheapest option even if they have to order them in! (Please bear in mind I live in the UK and it may be slightly different where you live!)

cat 5 wires are 24 gauge right? so if i had a spare cat 5 cord lying around can i just use that? :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

I saw this post and had to put in my 2 cents… Sanwa buttons use .110" qc’s, Sanwa sticks (that use them, like JLW’s) use .187" qc’s, as do most Happ products, although I have seen Happ stuff that uses .250", but mostly old stuff. For your wire, you definitely want to go with stranded, the qc’s will grip it much better than solid (speaking from experience here). The qc’s that we carry are red, which is for 18-22 AWG wire. Any control panel that I’ve ever worked on has used 20 or 22 gauge stranded wire. 24 is just a little too small for my tastes, but your mileage may vary…

Hope this helps,


Thanks so much for the tip, man. You saved me the shipping cost of having to place yet another online order for stuff I should’ve picked the first time around. :lol:

Glad I could help! I use my local car shop for spraypaint and wax too :smiley:
It’s a shame they don’t sell everything I need.

You won’t believe how hard it is to get quick disconnectors in the UK. Apparently they come unsized here. I found some spade connectors in Halfords, and when I asked what size they were, they just looked at me blankly and said “in relation to what?”. I found some Miniature Female Spade Connectors in Maplins eventually, but they were £1.59 for 10. I’m hoping these will be the right size as I’ve not had a chance to test them yet. I can’t believe the price of soldering irons and solder either. Can anyone recommend a more budget friendly shop for electrical components etc in the UK?

The minature female spade connectors from Maplins fit the sanwa and seimtsu buttons perfectly.

I’m using .22 stranded wire and the quick disconnects I got are a 10pack of 5 - 1/4" (22-18 Gauge) 5 - 3/16 (22-18 Gauge)

Am I using the correct ones? Or should I be using a smaller quick disconnect?

(These are a bit high in my case and it seems I might have some problems closing the plexy on my case to install these. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks Sephiru… I’m working on my first ever mod so its all new.

You will not find correct ones in store.
Buy online.