Quick disconnects messed up

Alright so first time I did mod a stick and I didnt really know how to pull of these. I ended up ripping out the wire out of the quick disconnect for the start button after that everyone worked. How can I fix this? >_>

Ah btw its a HRAP3 SFIV edition that im modding.

A crimping tool and a new quick disconnect is what you will need. Check Radio Shack, or eBay.

.110 size i believe should have em at your local hardware store or radioshack / ICE store

or if you have a soldering iron u could solder it back on till you can fix with a QD at a later date

or if you have none of the above , you can trim back the plastic coating on the wire enough for you to loop it round the post of the button and twist it tight and stick a little tape on it till you can do the above

if its a sanwa button you could strip the wire down a good bit and then thread it through the holes in the prongs, tie it to it almost, then wrap a bit of electrical tape around it. crude yes, but it’ll work.

To be honest, im never gonna open that stick again after I printed the image. So any easy method will do it, if possible without any extra things to buy :slight_smile:

well as above is pretty much the only way, if you do it properly you wont have to open the stick , if you temp it , chances are it will have to be done properly at a later date

my tip is to wander into someone you know has a soldering iron or the means to fix it and act dumb and give em a few bucks for fixing it :slight_smile:

Alright, ill try my best. Big thanks to everyone for helping me, gotta love this community <3