Quick disconnects on a se


Hey, I don’t know if there’s already a thread fro this, but I need help of how to EFFECTIVELY remove my quick disconnects from my se, so I could replace the buttons. If the word isn’t quick disconnects, then the prong things that connect the buttons. They’re on too tight, and I can’t wedge um off. A screw driver doesnt ply them apart large enough either.


Small flathead screwdriver under the qd and rotate the screwdriver clockwise and counterclockwise. If you can’t get the screwdriver under the qd, pull on the qd until you have enough room to put the screwdriver underneath it. Pull the qd, NOT the wire.


I use needle nose pliers on the metal part and pull up, but after reading I think the flat head is the way to go.


I used this and the flathead method. Like Evelgest said, DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRE. Pull on the metal Quick Disconnect.

Just be patient, and they’ll come loose.


After MUCH determination, after making this thread, I tried the pliers again, and with MUCH effort, it came off… with the button black part. O well, I got new buttons waiting. But if any of you run into this problem where the black part came with it, snap off the black part, and insert something like a knife into the quick disconnect and work the metal piece out.


A small screwdriver is seriously the only way to really loosen it, other than a smmall pair of needlenose pliers. You need to get in there and work it loose, no other way. Try starting at the edges and work your way in.


that’s odd, when i disconnected my QDs i did everything with my hands no problem. Guess my stick was a bad batch…lol, that would explain the PCB crapping out on me…


you are supposed to use a small flat head to wedge and pry the QD loose and use needle nose pliers to wiggle the QD of the contact, gripping the QD by the metal part where it crimps to the wire.

I pulled them off my SE with my bare hands and broke a microswitch on one button.


I did it with pliers, just kept wiggling it till they came off.


Woohoo…we all learned something.

I was a stick retard in all aspects up until a few days ago.

Now I am only retarded in most aspects.




usually I just put a really small flathead(the one for eyeglass and I’ll let it sit between the disconnects and the contacts. Once wedged in, I just turn the screwdriver and it’ll slide off.


I too prefer the screwdriver method, much less likely to pull out the switch from the button.
Just put it between the disconnect and the black housing, and slowly rock and forth and it’ll come off with ease.


There is an easier way to disconnect the SE buttons.

If you grab both prongs (with wires still connected) and twist gently anti clockwise (like a bayonet fitment lightbulb), the main body of the button will come out still attached to the wires and gives a LOT more leverage, after you have disconnected them, pop the button casing out, then you can re insert the main body of the switch by lining up the twist tabs inside (again, just like a lightbulb)

This is far more effective than trying to prise the disconnects from inside the case ands risking damage to your buttons.

I’ll post a video later maybe


Ruffdawg is saying to remove Microswitch like in Step 1 of this (except for Quick Disconnect part):


Thats exactly what I meant, thanks for the link. Hopefully this will mean less button breakage for new stick modders :cool:


Quick question: With quick disconnects, does it matter which prong on the microswitch receives which wire?

When replacing buttons, do I need to be extra careful or are the prongs just neutral recievers and the siding (polarity? I dunno…) doesn’t matter?



No difference at all.