Quick Disconnects - Where to buy .110 and different styles?

I am curious to see what different styles of .110 female quick disconnects people have found.

Can you post some pictures or links to pictures? We are interested in different styles (insulated, not insulated) as well as different colors.

Also, suggestions on where the can be found or purchased would be helpful.

What connection is the .110 for? Japanese microswitches? I’m not sure where to buy connectors for Sanwa buttons and the like, but I did come across some in my grandpa’s toolbox, so they do exist. Quick disconnects for Cherry microswitches commonly found on Happ parts can be found at any hardware store or Radioshack or online electronics distributors. Usually those type of connectors are gauged in AWG in the US, not sure about elsewhere.


I get all my parts like that from here. They’re very good and its usually at my within 1-2 days since they’re based out of IL and I’m in IN.

I’m not too familiar with different styles so I can’t help out there.

I use these ones from my local electronics store. I prefer them because they don’t have that bulky plastic around them like regular connectors.

I order from digikey.

as far as the color of the .110 disconnects go, i believe you will only find the 22-18 awg ones in red, 16-14 in blue, 12-10 in yellow. they color code the insulated disconnects according to the wire size they are made for. you could probably find someone to make them custom for you in bulk, but it would probably be cheaper to paint them.

i normally only see ones that are like the ones sold at lizardlick.com but with different color tubing to tell you what size wires will work.

I’ve always used those sold by Sanwa/Seimitsu with separate nylon sleeve.



Open barrel fastons (I prefer the term faston to quick-disconnect) are the best. The preinsulated ones that pretty much everyone into stick building seems to use just can’t compare in terms of sturdiness and reliability. Tin-plating is important in that it prevents oxydization. As for the protective cover, I like to use the soft vinyl ones. I buy them locally.





Tim, I can get any and if you like these open barrel QDs then I sell the tool to crimp them with also.

Ill see if I can get some off my private pics off them…

Just as a note I’ll show the picture of the insulated, color-coded (red for 18-22 AWG) ones (the QD is .187"):

After using these for a little while, I have to admit they take a little work to set well. They basically have a metal tube with an outward-placed notch. When you crimp these, the tube collapses on the wire; if you do it right the notched area collapses into and/or around the wire.

The purely metal ones (where you can see what is going on) are more surefire than these ones. You could even use solder on those ones if you felt like it.

Wow they have 22-26 AWG yellow color-coded .110" insulated QDs; now I’m a bit curious about those.

They got all the sorts of QDs at that site; just do a “quick-disconnect terminals” search there to see the variety. They charge a bit more than I like though.

Some better pics:






Ill see if I can find the plastic Seimitsu sleeves…

^^^^ those are the ones on my new astro city control panel. those things are fantastic. what kind of crimper do you need for them?

Hozan P-706

But they are quite expensive. You can crimp them with pliers also but the end result is not near as nice as with the Hozan.

soldering iron ftw

qdc’s are for wimps


I kid… I kid…

I get mine from Fry’s but also ebay more recently. This particular seller has different colors and different ones for various wire sizes. Example.

^nylon insulated

^ I’ve checked those out.

On some of them… its actually cheaper just to buy QDs at lizardlick with your order… and it comes priority instead of first class and the priority is like $5. 100 QDs at lizardlick is $10.