Quick disconnects

I’ve been doing research, but I can’t exactly get it clear.

If i get quick disconnects (http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/electrical/187qc.jpg)
i wont need to solder buttons, or anything at least, just crimp them on to the wires i can cut off (literally cut off, or do i need to desolder?) from the original buttons?

What i want to do is have 2 pcb’s in one stick (my xbox 360 hori ex2 stick pcb, and a dreamcast pcb.) and when i feel like playing either console, I just switch the quick disconnects. Is this right? Thanks for your time.

you’d have to desolder the wires from the buttons if you want to connect the QDs to the tabs on the button. if you got male QDs as well you could just cut the wire half way and put a female on one end of the wire and the male on the other end and you wouldn’t have to desolder. If you have a happ box it’d probably be big enough to do like an internal project box set up where you can just attach all the wires going to the stick and buttons to a DB connector and have that plugged into the project box. Another option I think is that if both pcbs have common grounds you could just wire them up together. Not sure but it might be worth looking into or you could just do a classic project box set up but I’m not a real big fan of having a box hanging off my stick.

those quick disconnects in that pic are the larger ones, I think that site has the smaller ones which fit on buttons like sanwas.

Are there any male .110’s dq’s? I’ve only seen females.

I remember seeing them at my local electrical store

You can do it eeeeeeeBay! It’s where I get my .110 qds

Also, you have to solder to the wire to the QD correct? and then the exposed metal part hooks up to the prong on the button, or is it the other way around?

No you do not have to solder to the QDs. I do it anyway though just to make sure the connection is really strong and the wire doesn’t randomly slip out. Exposed wire goes into smaller side basically.

basically if you just desolder, i think youd be able to straight up put the QDs on, but if you cut it off, youre gonna have to strip the wires before you do.