Quick Dual Mod Question

So I’m trying to do a dual mod for this PS3 fightstick. I’m going from PS3 to Xbox 360 and I have the Xbox 360 PCB wired and ready. Now I have to make the buttons common ground, but I’m wondering where do I reattach the wires for the PS3 PCB? do I attach directly to the PCB on top or to this secondary PCB at the bottom?


Choose which you want.
If you have to ask, then I feel the bottom will be easier for you.

so would I solder onto the pin onto the bottom then? or just replug them in with the quick detaches?


Solder to the bottom.

Solder signal from Xbox 360 to Signal of the picture you just posted.
Use a Multimeter to find out which row is Ground and Signal.

Awesome thanks!


So just to make sure, figure out which row is the ground and which row is signal, disconnect all the grounds from the top except for one, then solder the Xbox pad to the bottom pins?

To visually figure out what side the grounds are, look at the traces, you will see that the ground side is all connected. The individual buttons signals will go directly to a pin and not be linked together. If you have a TE-S, be careful not to use the Start and Select ground, because that ground has been re routed to work through the lock switch, and if you used that, the lock switch would lock all your buttons.

I left all my tools at my friends house so I can’t check it right now. I’ll take a look on sunday though since thats when i see him then. thanks for the info though I’ll do that as soon as i can get inside it again.

If you do that, then only one Button will work.
You have to leave all the Ground wires connected.

arn’t you supposed to do something called a daisy chain with the grounds? or is that not nessesary with this?

That is what the bottom PCB does.
It connects all the Button Grounds together.

ok, thanks for the clarification. I’ll remember that for sunday.

Ok so is there a way to figure out which is the ground and which is the signal? I don’t have a multimeter, so is there a way to identify it some other way?


its the top row of larger blobs. the bottom is all ground

ok so solder onto top row, the ones closer to the pins correct? now I have another question. every tutorial i see says that the xbox pad only needs one ground cable soldered to the pcb. is this still true if I solder onto this pcb? what happens if there are multiple grounds on a common ground pcb?

ground is ground is ground
usually, you’d solder ground from the usb cable, but you can pull it from anywhere
doing multiple grounds doesn’t hurt either, it’s just more work

what about the stick itself? do i have to connect the grounds on that into 1 cable too or is that done already?

you only NEED one ground for the entire controller, but if you want to do more then go for it

ok thanks for all that. I’ll probably get this done either on Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll be back on either of those days asking for more help again. thanks :slight_smile: