Quick Fightstick Question. Can Anyone Help =) Please

So I Have A MadCatz SE Fightstick.

If I Place The Button Plugs Into My Stick.

Can I Leave The Wiring For Buttons LB And LT Out In The Open.

Am I Risking Any Electrical Damage Of Some Sort?
Should I Just Unplug Them From The Board?

Please Help =)


You can but there’s always the possibility of interference with other buttons, I’d either cover them with a strong tape or snip them all together.

Cover each of the unused Quick Disconnect with electrical tape to prevent shortages.
Or remove all four wires completely.

Alright Thanks Guys. =)

Appreciate The Help.

i put button plugs into my TE and instead of cutting off the wires compeletely i just re-covered the quick disconnects with the plastic things

You could pull them out of the barrier strip. That way, they’re not swinging freely. But, that’s up to you.

ahhh i just leave em there just incase i do happen to want them back in one day for some odd ass reason