Quick Fightstick Question

Hey all, just wondering a bit here, as i plan on getting a fightstick tomorrow, does the stick affect your gameplay when/if you switch back to a pad? For instance, if i were to go buy a stick tomorrow (which i plan on doing), and after a couple weeks got my execution down, then went and played, say, Homefront, or Brink (Both FPS’s), and then went back to SF, would my execution suffer? I was thinking about this, and wasn’t sure, as i’ve never used a stick before, so i don’t know if it would affect other gameplay.


Think of it like riding a bike. I can get on Xbox and play some FPS games with my friends (they don’t play PC games :C ) then get back on PC and after some warm up be fully adjusted back. I actually did that recently, hadn’t played a PC FPS for like 4-5 months and got back on and did fine. Sadly I can’t really get into PC FPS anymore like I used too, all my favorite games aren’t doing too hot.

oh ok, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: