Quick help with my toughest match up

I’m new to the whole forum thing, with most of the games I play I usually never visit the forums but my love for gen and the comradery I have with other gen users I’ve played against online made me look into this stuff.

I’ve been playing gen ever since release. Some of the main reasons are nobody seemed to be him online, and having two styles and sets of moves intrigued me. Once I picked him up I couldn’t go back to any of the other characters.

Here’s my problem. Everybody seems to be saying that the Ryu, Ken, Sagat and the lot of em who love to spam their projectiles are the toughest challenge for Gen. Although that may be true in G1 I find that I never feel as if I have a disadvantage in these match ups. I usually win against the likes of them BUT the one character I match up horribly against, whether a pro or novice uses him, is Blanka.

Anybody have any words of advice on how to tackle this or are you other gen users more or less feeling the same disadvantage as I do when the opponent picks this character?

I’m only G2 right now at a little more than 10k gp, so I’m not sure if I am deserving of too much respect from you guys who peruse these forums but I would like to know yalls input.

Sorry for the long post and for those who reply, go easy on me, I’m new to the forum and wont know what your talking about if you start posting all sorts of shorthand for combos.


Any time you block a straight blanka ball you can super or ultra.

1st thing you should do is scroll through the match-up thread becasue there is a ton of stuff about Blanka since he is ultimately a bad match-up against Gen. Their are a lot of things you can and should not do in this match-up, like White beard said about Super and Ultra. In fact you can Super Blanka even when hit from a horiz. ball.

Go through them and you should be able to beat 90% of Blankas out their. But for the pro Blanka players who are smart enough to not actually use the Blanka ball as an attack, I suggest you start playing a counter player. Blanka in the right hands is Gens worst match-up. IMO of course. But thats because I play against a great Blanka from AI and I have no answers. It is a total domination. And it has nothing to do with skill because his Blanka has yet to beat my Ryu and I haven’t really used Ryu since the console release.

Thanks for the replies guys, i didn’t realize that there was a list of match-up advice on the forum, that’s my bad.

Tips were great, I’m gunna start putting them into practice n see what happens.

Yeah actually I think Gen as a character does really well against Ken and Sagat and the like. I personally have trouble with Ryu (rushdown only), but he’s very beatable. Cammy and suddenly Honda are hard match-ups for me.

Anyways yeah, roll through the match-ups thread, take your time and just go through all of it. Also read through JiBbo’s approach to Gen thread. It’s a lot of reading, I know, just take your time with it and learn as much as you can.

Good luck! And welcome to SRK.


Gen -vs- Blanka is my worst match up as well

Electricity > Gen’s Air

Can’t punish until you have meter

Lot of mind games to win IMO

If he spams blanka balls, you can just punish it with st.medium kick(mantis), it will beat it most of the times and sometimes it will trade. Or you can block it and punish with ultra/super ( dont do it too quickly though, or it will go under him.

Don’t jump at Blanka much at all. Especially crane jump.

FA rainbow balls.

Super (save your meter!) or ultra regular horizontal balls after blocking.

cr. mk (mantis) > electricity.

Know how to block, and how to punish Blanka’s ultra.

In the end, Blanka has to beat Gen with normals, so play defensive until he finds out he can’t use his shenanigans, then proceed to show him his kung fu is not strong.