Quick Hori Ex2 stick top question

Alright so I’m about to order the parts to mod the stick on my Hori Ex2. I’m fine with the buttons at the moment but I’m going to get the following items

New Gate


And I was going to get this top, but I was wondering if it is any different than the stock one on there? Because if it isn’t I might just try a bat top, because the current ball top feels too small and I feel as if I do not have total control.


Let me know what you awesome people think :wink:


The Seimitsu LB-39 is nothing different from stock Ball Top but aesthetic.
Same size.

I did both of those mods to my EX2 & FS3, the gate is a killer upgrade IMO. The ball top is just purely for looks, but it does look cool. The Seimitsu balls also fit on the old NES Advantage sticks too.

Noob here. Is it just personal preference on square gate vs octagonal? When I first started getting into this stuff a few months back I thought I read that square gates are for the pros?

No, its just personal preference. It probably is the case that more pro’s play with squares since arcades would have square gates. In my opinion, I like octgates for shoto characters and square gates for charge characters

Is there a way to do the gate upgrade w/o a soldering job?

Soldering is not even needed in the first place.
Have you seen the Tutorials?

Just drill new holes in the gate and screw it on, removing the old gate.

I just switched out my gate and I have to say that the difference is immediately noticeable. The corners feel much more defined and it gives it an overall tighter feel.

The holes that you have to drill line up perfectly with the holes to the immediate left of the oblong holes in a sanwa gate. This when looking down on the gate with the two big nubs pointing up.

Drill them out first with a small bit, i started with a 3/32 bit, then move up to a 1/8 bit. Cut away the excess plastic (mine just snapped off) and you got youself a perfectly fitting sanwa gate!

And yes, the bat-top vs ball-top question is entirely opinion, as is the square vs octo gate.

Good luck!