Quick image request: directional inputs


i’ve searched so many links on this image mishmash, but still no images of
Directional inputs (qcb, hcb, dp) like the ones that show you how to do the moves at the arcade. can someone help me out?





thanks sir, but my use for these images are for a stick, so a slightly bigger picture? thanks for the link though!


I wish SRK had the bigtran avatar :frowning:


If you have a vector drawing program, just trace the images with it and you can have them as big as you like.


hows this?



thank you all for your help. i just downloaded photoshop and will start learning how to vector tomorrow! and thanks Furious One for those. tiz exactly what i was looking for. haha


While Photoshop has some support for vectors, the better Adobe product for doing vector work is Illustrator. If you can’t afford it, there is the free alternative Inkscape, which is probably more than enough for your needs.


good to know! thanks very much


nice pics