Quick Kara Demon question

is the lp negative edge-able or not? after i do the overhead, and its already out, it is, but when i do it normally, its not. so if it is kara’d with f+mp, will it have negative edge properties?

I’m pretty sure negative edge doesn’t work for kara demons. I’ve had no luck with it.

I think negative edge can only works to launch a special / super so it doesn’t work in your case…
If i’m right it should work with the last HP of the demon… edit: just tested, it doesn’t work…

not trying to thread hijack, but I have a question too, why is kara demon f+mp, lp, lp, df,lk, hp. is there any particular reason for the down-forward instead of just forward

this way is eaiser

Some find it easier this way…
Not my case…

i think negative edge work with comboes only

No, with ryu: push HP, wait a second then do a quart circle and release HP at the end, fireball will be launched…

as far as i know negative edge wont work from just taping the bottom thats y you can’t use it in the raging demon but lets say for some stupid reason the demon command was lp, qcf. lp, lk, hp then im pretty sure it would work but thats not the command so no need for that. you can negative edge and special move and super the only time i use this method is with Q or urien the only time i would use this method with akuma would have to be c.mk, qcb lk, lp hold and buffer his SA1 the let go for the rest

if u press hp, wait then release hp, only 1 hp will come out

it was said earlier that it’s easier. it’s not true. Easier or not is not the point; it’s just faster. you can go from f straight to d/f; no need to go back to neutral.

what os this move? somone explain how to do it / what it does?

Please don’t tell us you’re talking about raging demon…:sweat:

If you know that little about 3s, you don’t belong here.

shut up pherai. You all use unfamiler terms which i don’t understand, it is NO reason to leve at all. Maby if somone explained what the move actually is, just because i don’t learn the name of every move i do doesn’t mean i don’t know anything.


dude… you have no idea where you are, do you

It’s an open cancel of the forward medium punch (the chop) to gain extra range for the Raging Demon (jab jab forward lk hp).

EDIT: (Whoops forgot JChensor’s faq is for CvS2… :whoops: Just pick one of the other 3s faqs and read away…
Hope that helps, but if you don’t understand that then you need to start with a 3S Basics Faq at www.gamefaqs.com

Edit: And get used to these types of responses. Ignorance isn’t tolerated at SRK. No offense man, just the way it is and always has been.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but there are resources out there to get you familiar with the terms a lot faster and easier than you asking every time you see a new one (see gamefaqs link from DanD). This just happens to be a very advanced technique, and if you don’t understand what it is, there is a lot of other stuff you should know first.

I didn’t mean to insinuate you were being a jerk Pherai (sorry if it was taken that way). Just trying to prepare the dude for SRK Response #3124: SEARCH MOFO!

Damnit I was teh one trying to be a jerk!:arazz:

Why can’t you guys ever get it right??? :rolleyes: