Quick Ken Wake-up Question

Now, i know that ken has a invincable wake-up uppercut, correct me if im wrong… but i can never really get it off, is there any trick? a certain uppercut i have to use? or anything? because the people i play with meaty hit alot, even though wake-up uppercut punishable, it would still be amazingly helpful, please respond asap as this is a current problem :slight_smile:


i’m not sure about this but you should be blocking anyways if they’re hitting you with meaties.
at least dragon punch or something if so.

Ken’s lp and mp srk can get stuffed by some moves, even with reversal timing, and hp will sometimes trade. EX beats all normals cleanly (I think), but it doesn’t always knock down if the opponent is even a small distance away. If he’s really abusing the meaties, you can throw in a wakeup super, but just blocking is the safest bet.

Be brave. Try to parry into fierce, strong shoryu, SAIII.