Quick Link thread: Newly updated 03-16-2013! Links to other sub-forums too!


Quick reference template off Pryde’s thread, the Vanilla switch has caused all of links to be broken and things are tedious right now. Linked the things that looked relevant, and the list could possibly expand in the future.

Vampire Savior: advanced link combos & important notes - Vampire Savior: advanced link combos & important notes
Tiers for non-fighting games? - Tiers for non-fighting games? Discussion
Soul Calibur V - Soul Calibur V Discussion
The Breaker’s Revenge Thread - The Breakers Revenge Thread
XvsSF thread - X-Men vs Street Fighter Thread
Gundam Battle Assault 2 - Gundam Battle Assault Thread
Marvel Super Heroes thread - Marvel Super Heroes Thread
Marvel Vs Capcom 1 - Marvel vs Capcom 1 Thread
X-Men: Children of the Atom thread - X-Men COTA Thread
Last Blade 2 Character Guides/Advanced System thread - Last Blade 2 Character Guide and Advance System Discussion
Fighter’s History Dynamite thread - The Fighters History Dynamite Thread
Virtual-On - The Virtual-On Thread
Bloody Roar 3/Primal Fury/Extreme - Bloody Roar 3/Primal Fury/Extreme Discussion
Scrolling Beatemups - Scrolling Beat Em’ Ups Thread
Vampire Hunter / NightWarriors: Darkstalker’s Revenge - Vampire Hunter/Nightwarriors/Darkstalkers Revenge Discussion
Guilty Gear - Who plays? - Guilty Gear Discussion
http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/2353/killer-instinct-anyone#latest Killer Instinct Discussion
The Rival Schools Thread - The Rival School Thread
Street Fighter 3 NG & 2I Thread - SF3 NG and 2nd Impact Thread
Garou: MOTW Thread - Garou MOTW Thread
The “Official” SSBM Thread - The Super Smash Bros Melee Thread
Hyper SFll AE thread - Hyper SFII AE Thread
SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos - Capcom vs SNK
The Fighters Megamix Thread - The Fighters Megamix Thread
The Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 Thread - The Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 Thread
The Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Thread! - Jojos Bizarre Adventure Thread
Official Samurai Shodown II Thread - The SS2 Thread
Soul Calibur 2 - Soul Calibur 2 Discussion
Armored Core 5 - Armored Core 5 Discussion

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