Quick Link Thread

Considering theres alot of good info here, and the search feature doesnt work, i thought it would be convenient for everyone if there was a quick link thread. please report any dead links. Also, this should drastically reduce the amount of repeat threads

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Joystick and Pad related

New to sticks? LOOK HERE questions answered!!
Sanwa/Seimitsu Videos brought to you by TheRealNeoGeo
The NEW Essential Joystick Thread
The Official Custom Arcade Sticks Thread
How to make the Hori FightingStick EX2 work on Windows
Builder’s Log | Fjod’s odd sticks
The “Everything about building your own custom stick thread” thread.
Difference Between Hori’s (HRAP/EX2) and Sanwa parts
Light-up on activation button mod tutorial
Building a better HRAP (Foreal this time)
tekken stick stopped working Helpp
give me some advice on my gay agetec mod?
HRAP2 Modding Guide/Review.
sf:ac stick art removal
The Stick template/Layout thread
Quick Disconnects - Where to buy .110 and different styles?
Arcade stick faceplate help
Anyone order from MAS lately?
Building a better hrap, from scratch?
Look here before asking about what type of stick you should use!
Help fixing a DOA4 360 stick:
could Virtua Stick High Grade work on Winkawas?
ShadowBlade Arcade-Stick compatibility with pelican adapter??
Tutorial:Prepping and Painting MDF (56k warning)
Tekken button layout???
Suzo Rotterdamn 500 Joystick…
Perfect 360 VS. Sanwa JFL
Extending Shaft (JL-S9F Shaft ) Size?
My Arcade Stick Review/News Blog
Blue Skeleton Buttons help!
help! questions regardin mas stick
Question about quick disconnects
so then is HRAP 3 the best N00b stick for PC?
Custom Ball Tops?
Looking for a bit of help to make a 360 stick
Fighting Stick EX2 question.
Advice with Namco stick mod
Button going out.
Builder?s Log | A View from the Shop
paint on plastic cases?
Saulabi modding tutorial
soldering alternative?
We need a Painting FAQ and Power Tools FAQ
detailed plan for the basic wood structure of a stick?


Specific Sticks/Parts Tutorials and questions
The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ
Modding the Hori Fighting Stick 3
The 360 Hori EX2 Quick Mod Guide
The Happ/iL FAQ/Information thread
Hori Real Arcade Pro FAQ for all versions
Hori T5: Modding Tutorial
Tools Used To Remove Mounting Nut On Yenox…
ASCII Optical stick vs Sanwa Flash?
Hori Fighting Stick for PS2
doa4 mod tutorial (photo galore D:)
Fighting Stick 3 for pc?
my custom HRAP1 mod
Suzo Rotterdamn 500 Joystick…
Perfect 360 VS. Sanwa JFL
Capcom “arcade perfect” stick
re: HRAP3 (PS3)
Virtua Stick High Grade & Hori Fighting Stick 3
HRAP2SA Purchase Delimma
Saulabi thread
Virtua Stick Mod (Many Pics)
Soul Caliber Hori stick

Pad hacking/PCB
The “padhacking” thread
Controller Adapter/Converter Thread
Universal PCB (eventually) thread keep an eye on this one :lovin:
Help w/ Xbox360 PCB
wiring ps1 pcb to stick
Question replacing wire in HRAP2 (w/pics)
PS1 padhack analog problem
Repairing a Sanwa Flash PCB
Hacking a Mad Catz XBox Live Arcade Stick
Removing Analog Sticks from ps1 pad
USB Padhack problem
Need neo geo pad pinout colours.
My Introduction and Joystick Controller Site
I love my custom…controller?!
OMG: Sega Saturn USB Controller works Flawlessly on PS3!!
Hacking official 360 pad RT + LT.
Is there a mod to add a PS (home) button to joysticks/controllers for use on PS3?
WHat is the easiest PS1 pad to hack?

All the stick parts and buttons you will ever need can be found here
Greetings from Lizard Lick Amusements!
Personally recommended by me

Computer and software
Computer Help Thread v4.0
Rom/Emulation Talk + Rules and Tips
Woo Hoo Naomi Emulation in Progress!!! w/ PICS!!!
Will I get lag on my gaming if I use a capture card?
Anti-Virus Programs
Are older modem’s bad?
Windows XP automatic update help
Looking to buy a new pc, suggestions/advice?
IDE to SATA Transfer?
Firefox 3 Now Available!
Desktop PC won’t turn on after blackout. A little help please?!
My internet stops working for no reason some times
Help! laptop screen won’t turn on!
Emu Naomi - GGXX#R & SVC2
Naomi board being cracked
Changing an IP address
So I finally retired my comp and bought a new one
What are the optimal settings for Camtasia recording?
ggpo network trouble
Hard drive recovery services
connecting 3 hard drives(1 ata master with 1 ata slave,1 sata slave)system won’t boot
HELP! ggpo on mac vmfusion/bootcamp
Crap sound on PC.
USB External Hard Drive
is there a program that can play .flv videos at slow speed?
SRK Toolbar for Firefox (Beta)
Burned AGP Slot/AGP Card
the best mkv to dvd format program
omg, another PC question. ugh!
Recommend some FireFox add-ons… dood!
Anyone having issues with the doujinstyle site?
Good free antivirus??
Web based torrent seeding
Instant Messaging
CPS3 Emulator suddenly runs crappy
Help me pick a laptop!





HDTVs and Video Game Lag: The Problem and the Solution!
Post pictures of your SF/entertainment setup!
The MP3/Digital Media Player thread
Candy Cabinet made from scratch with wood?
found the perfect material for metal control panels.
Where can I learn more about cabinets?
how to print blast city layout?
So I’m getting a iPod Touch
lcd vs plasma vs rear projection
iPod rip
What are the best Internet cellphones?
Reconmend me a DVD player
Ds vs. Psp?
Playing PS2 Games on a LCD TV?
TV / Monitor help
Recommend me a DS flash cart
60 gig ps3 … ps2 bc lag ?
help! about the lags when playing ps2 BC games on ps3
dead super turbo cps2 board but the batteries fine…
PS3 Error Message 8002AD23
Questions about unlocking tmobile sidekick
Dreamcast won’t read discs
bricked psp help
Headphone Question
Converter Question(s)
Dreamcast Resets
Playstation 2 VGA HELP
Finally put my Real PS2 > PS3/PC adapter to use
Gameboy micro charger
HDadvance fighters compatibility
PS2 Video
Any good T-Mobile phone/MP3 player
cps 3 Third Strike No CD Asia Sound Problem
HDTV problem
What’s in the world of speakers.
Taito Type X2 Arcade Hardware
HDTV Buyers Thread
Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Upgrade Stick
I thought the 40gb MGS4 PS3 wasn’t backward compatible or VGA compatible?






More coming soon…


It would sure be nice to do a thorough cleanup among the stickies. As of now, its a bit cluttered.

  Sticky: The, I love my custom stick gallery. (Please don't quote images)

  Sticky: Computer Help Thread v4.0 


Sticky: New to sticks? LOOK HERE *questions answered*!! 

Sticky: Sanwa/Seimitsu Videos brought to you by TheRealNeoGeo 1 NEW VIDEO (6/25) 

Sticky: Rom/Emulation Talk + Rules and Tips UPDATED 3/4/08 - PLEASE bump useful threads 

Sticky: **The *NEW* Essential Joystick Thread** ANYTHING YOU'LL EVER NEED IS IN HERE (MOSTLY) 

it does seem kinda unnecessary to have 4 stickys involving sticks, and wouldnt “New to sticks” and “Essential Joystick Thread” pretty much cover the same topics? why not merge? same with the sanwa video thread, shoo could just cover all that in one sticky, 3 different posts, and change the title.

just a thought

I like this a lot and think it should be stickied. Very good idea.

Suggestion: Break them down into sticks cat. hacking cat. modding cat. customs cat., etc. etc.
Also keep it in Alphabetical order?

I think all the Builder’s logs should have their own category, titled EXAMPLES or something like that.

Great work man!!

ya thats a pretty good idea, let me get a few more months worth of threads in there and ill split them up into sub-cats