Quick LS56 question

I’ve seen people have reinforced the spring on JLF sticks with an LS32 spring
Can anyone suggest a spring that would fit in an LS56 so I can experiment with this too?
(told you it was a quick question lol)


Try Slagcoin
Particularly this page Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts

LS-56 springs are a lot thinner because of the narrow actuator. Your best bet is to try to get a box of springs from the hardware store and cut them.

The LS-56 is already very stiff, almost as much as a Happ/iL.

Ah I’ll take that into consideration guys, I may buy one if I find it’s too loose though as you say it’s already stiff I may not need one
But could I just buy any spring from a sanwa of seimitsu and shove that in there (are they all the same size?)

It doesn’t say that you can mix springs with the LS56, so I’m still not sure - anyone got a 56 they could mess with and find out for me? haha

thanks again guys