Quick Madcatz TE fightstick question


Hi all, just wondering…does anyone know exactly what joystick this TE fightstick has? (model No.) and is it 4 & 8-Way Adjustable?



Check the sticky.


Ok thanks but Im still a little confused…its only 8-way and cant be changed to 4-way? I didnt realize sanwa made sticks that are 8-way only.


Sanwa JLF can do both because of the GT-8F.
That Square Restrictor Gate can go 8-Way and 4-Way.

Sanwa GT-8F comes default on all JLF Joystick.

The Sanwa JLW can go 8-Way and 4-Way too.
Comes with Sanwa GT-8N.

The GT-8N has a better 4-Way than GT-8F.
With the GT-8F, the Diagonals can still get activated even on 4-Way.
So that is bad, not good.

Can’t just use the Sanwa GT-8N on JLF though.
Only go on Sanwa JLW, unless you modify somehow to make fit on JLF.


ok cool :slight_smile: do the instructions in the box tell you how to switch it over to 4 way (to use with MAME) or is there some little guide somewhere?

sorry for these simple questions…Ive never had an arcade stick before.


TingBoy made video.

I had to figure that out on my own years ago. :sad:


Thankyou so much! :slight_smile: