Quick Max: 209 Local March 3, 2012 (KOFXIII/SF4/UMVC3/ANYTHING)

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Quick Max is currently Held in Manteca to have a centralized area for people from Stockton, Tracy, Modesto, Ceres, and anything else in the 209 Area code. This is a Local made to LEVEL UP YOUR SKILLS in any game you want with us organizers having a focus on The King of Fighters XIII but open to all games.

Live Streaming Provided by the Organizers!
Quick Max is going to also try to have a stream. Right now it works but isn’t the best video quality but with more success and down the road we will upgrade our stream so everyone can see the true power of the Central Valley!

Quick Max Stream Page: http://twitch.tv/quickmax

We’ll have highlights and archives on our youtube page along with other things!
Quick Max isn’t just a local tournament stream, we also will have many other things in store for the community to help give exposure to The King of Fighters XIII, tips for KOF, and give exposure to all players of KOF regardless of current level or location!

Quick Max youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/QuickMaxVIP

Level up With RanBats and Casuals!
Depending on the turn out will determine if we have RanBats or other small tournaments leading up eventually to hopefully big events in the 209 area held at potentially the Modesto Junior College West Campus.

Until we can determine how many people will show up feel free to show up for some free casuals in a cozy and friendly environment!

Where will the Events Happen?
Right now we are going to have casuals for anyone to show up at

1718 Tasca Lane
Manteca, CA 95337
Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 12:30PM

We will be playing in a residential garage so please be courteous to the neighbors and the home owners. Cursing isn’t a big deal but please leave all hate outside and don’t start fights! I don’t have to say this since I’m sure we are all mature but please do show up and have lots of fun!

What equipment do you have so far?
Currently Quick Max has 2 PS3s with KOF and SSF4AE2012 and 1 360 With KOF and SSF4AE2012 and 2 or 3 TVs

If you guys come and want to play another game like UMVC3 or if you want to bring more set ups feel free to do so! This is a rough estimate on the TVs the but console number is solid, also be sure to BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLERS!

We only have one stick for PS3 (MadCatz TE First model) and 2 Sticks for 360 (MadCatz TE First Model and Hori EX2) so if you prefer pad or your own stick please bring your own! This is a grass roots kind of deal so we don’t have too much on hand.

Contact Me for more Info!
You can contact me via E-mail at


Or you can** call or Text me at**
(209) 988-0746 (Anthony/Walkman)

I’m open to any and all questions and suggestions and willing to talk to any of you beforehand!


(Special thanks to Tyram whose page formatting I based this page off of)

hm… I realize that this does conflict with NDT, but that still is a bit of a ways from my house so the event will still go on, and still be KOF centric, so if you aren’t going to NDT or live more south and closer to Manteca and aren’t going feel free to show up to get some help and play some casuals with a heavy focus on KOFXIII.

I’ll be here too. Get ya KOF game on!

ill come thru if i dont go to ndt

Quick Max is live everyone! Feel free to check it out!

sup guys im coming thru for sure this weekend i have 1 copy of ae on 360 and 1 copy of umvc3 for 360 that ill bring
im also bringing an extra 360 arcade stick for any1 to use its a modded se all sanwa parts
ill get down in kof too although ima get bodied lmao

Sweet, see ya there yo.

It’s getting to be that time again folks! So from what I could find we have 2 TVs and probably maybe like 2 more CRTs I can borrow from my aunt so if you want to play lagless on that we can set it up. We got tables, chairs, power strips, so bring whatever you want! Plus we are close to food and whatnot so you’ll be in a great location, and I don’t want to sound full of myself but the company’s all polite!

I’ll be there.

Can’t wait to see you guys. If you got some buddies that want to show up too bring them over!

Well we’re here in Manteca, Thinking about not doing a stream just so we can watch Final Round on the big stream, but we shall see.

is there still casuals there i might go im close by

Yep, We are barely finishing setting up.

cool ill be there in like 20 mins

Just thinking sicne I don’t want to put myself in an overextended position I feel like I should cut quickmax a bit short this week and re-evaluate when we get together and where potentially, so we will be closing shop a bit early today so around about 5 PM. That being said stream is going up now. http://twitch.tv/quickmax

GGs to everyone, very fun playing with you guys. Learned some new things, time to practice up even more! Back to the drawing board.