Quick newb question about adaptars

I read in the essential arcade stick FAQ that there is a PS2 to PS3 adapter that has no lag (http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product_id=802566) as long as the arcade stick has a PS2 PCB. I know if I’m using 1st party controllers they’ll have the Sony PCB (obviously) but if I order a custom stick with a PS2 PCB, will it too have no lag when I use this adapter on the PS3? I ask because most custom stick makers don’t make PS3 sticks yet.

Also, on a side note, since I saw on the tech forums that there’s a universal PCB for Playstation, Xbox 360, and dreamcast, is there a universal PCB for PS3/360 OR can I use the previously mentioned adapter on the universal PCB to make it work on the 360 (therefore kind of making it a PS3/360 stick)?

Whoa. UPCB doesn’t support the Xbox 360 or Dreamcast natively yet. To get them to work, you have to hack one of those pads and plug it in, not a super easy thing if you lack the patience to read the thread.


Buy a HFS3 or HRAP3, along with the new Hori EX2 stick for Xbox360. There ya go, one stick for each system. Trying to get them in one stick takes a ton of very specialized work, and would end up costing you more than 2x what the two sticks cost.

I posted an answer for you in the proper thread.

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