Quick noob question Namco PSone stick

Umm im pretty new to this so go easy on me, but one of the buttons seem to be getting stuck recently i donno why could someone explain to me why.
but yeah i was going to replace them with sanwa buttons and i wanted to ask if i could swap the hori buttons with the sanwa buttons and just use the hori micro switches (i think thats what they are) and put it into the sanwa buttons?.
So there will be no need to use another PCB.
Thank you.

PS. i heared the seimitsu buttons have the same micro switches as the hori buttons can any1 comfirm this so i dont have to swap them around?

Can anyone help?

Yes, they are all interchangeable.


I also had a button sticking problem with my Namco stick, turns out someone spilt soda on it. All it needed was a de-soldering and a cleaning.

Try to clean them. If you need to change the switches and want the same feeling as the stock (same engage on the button) then use the small seimitsu switches (the one’s used in 24mm buttons). these are perfect fit and i would say identical in feel to the stock switches.

If you like sanwa then you can use small sanwa switches, they don’t fit as snug as the seimitsus but that’s really no problem.

If you use the original pcb you may have to cut/bend the legs on the switches some.

You could just cut 12 pieces of small wire, 2 for each button. Strip both ends, solder one end to the sanwa microswitch, and then with the other end of the wire poke it through the PCB and solder there. easy. I don’t think you really need to spend money on alternative switches.