Quick Northwest Regionals Results


** I will edit this post sometime tomorrow with everything but for now I’m gonna type out the top 5 because I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone wants to see and because I’m too tired to type out everything else.**

** 1-Jason Kuan “Kuan”-Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops**
** 2-Jason Mar “hairymaster”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel**
** 3-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel**
** 4-Randy Lew “Nanoboi”-Cable/Sentinel/Commando**
** 5-Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner”-Sentinel/Storm/Commando**
** 5-Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin”-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**

** Quick Comments-EC niggas is crazy, they’re dope. Matrix is a savage. Money matches and coin tosses for money is the truth. Jay Mar was beasting. Anyway, thanks to everyone that showed up (Ny peeps, Randy, Canada, etc). Without all you peeps NWR wouldn’t have been what it was, a dope ass event.**


51 people for Marvel.

44 for CVS2. CvS2 results off of the top of my head:

  1. John Michaels “LifeTimeBoy”
  2. Masanori “King” Takee
  3. Mai “Mirage”

The counterteam to RowTron is evidently JayMar (both of Row’s losses were to JayMar). Good shit Jason.

We’ve now started the curse of the ATM_SpiderTao, as his first round opponent went 2 and out. ?

LTB won 3rd strike, King took second.

Alpha results:

  1. King
  2. LTB
  3. Wolf
  4. Evan WenSARS
  5. Mike S
  6. Curtis E
  7. Raize_K
  8. Brian J
    9 Fritz
    9 Taylor
    9 Chris F
    9 Mike A

Big thanks to Peachy for running the CVS2 brackets with a vengeance. And big thanks out to everyone else who helped out. It’s the first major tournament we’ve had, so … we certainly worked through the startup hiccups. =\

Team tournaments and grudge/money matches at about 2PM tomorrow. You can run the grudge/money matches earlier if you want, but the team tourneys will be at about 2PM.

If anybody did NOT notice, my mom and dad actually showed up(?) and watched me lose to Randy/Nanoboi. What a random match for them to see. Oh well. 2-1 wasn’t a bad way to go down.

-Zach (the guy in the blue Kobun shirt who was running around madly all day)




Thanks to Zach and Loki for making everything go smoothly. God damn there was some really crazy marvel matches tonight.


who took out X?


Jason Mar sent him to losers, and then Row beat him. All of those matches were nuts. Randy was recording them, hopefully they will get uploaded sometime.


what was the score X vs jason mar and X vs row?

who did randy beat?


I am not sure about the Jaymar match, but against Row it was 2-1.


thanks to everyone who came out

X, matrix, randy lew all beasts
the biggest beast of em all
jay muthafuckin mar holdin it down
good shit homie

lastly, zach, another bomb tourney


Randy beat Trinh in loser’s and lost to Kuan in winners I believe. Randy should be called the Punisher cause that guy has a gang a gun skills.

X and Chris are too tight. I haven’t had such a fun weekend in a long time and it was due in a large part to them. Goin to the mall with them, watching them get so crazed about money matches and them tellin me I look like Tom Green =p I just dropped them off the airport, belt in hand, so hopefully they have a safe trip back. They prob will be knocked out the whole flight.

I played some good matches in the all the games I entered and some good matches in games that didn’t even have tournaments, specifcally KOF2k3, GGXX, VF4 and especially Bust a move.

Great atmosphere and attitude for everyone there. I had a great time talking to everyone and just being around a lot of people I haven’t talked to that much or ever really met so it was coo in that respect as well. It was the largest Marvel tournament in Seattle history and definetly one of if not the best.

Congrats finally to all the winner’s (Jmar especially, Galka rushdown is too powerful) and a big big thanks to all the participants for showing up and playing. Without you guys no tournament is possible so thank you to everyone who came for making my time a good one and for giving me a lot of entertaining stuff to watch.

P.S. The new shit will be M/S/SS. Check me out **


Dirty Trinh holdin’ down 5th. Damn!

You got me scared to play you again man.

And Lew, as always, is my fuckin’ hero.


what were some of the teams used in cvs2?

LTB, you beast with the P-groove “dream team” you told me about?:cool:

and where’d peachy place, hopefully S-groove made top 10…


Damn man was rooting for desmond all the way oh well good shit for placing top 5 guy.


I’d like to say first off… it was really cool meeting Desmond and Chris (this is Jeff/Switchup? haha) and learnin some EC shit from those guys.

Also good shit to Jmar. Watch out for this guy. Seroius.

Honestly this is the best tourney I’ve been to since Evo… fucking great time.

Oh, and it was also a great time taking money in coin tosses.


All the Canadians I talked to were unbelievably cool, it was great that they could make it, especially the edmonton players since they had a 12 hour drive:eek: Tao man, I’m really sorry I forgot to say goodbye man, I had like 2 minutes and had to say goodbye to like 25 ppl and it was hella hard to move in there.:frowning: BC did great in 3s, but I’m surprised they didn’t do better, Tao was a savage but just ran into the SamY/King train, and Miguel(kal el) was crazily upset by Ondrej, who got revenge for the 1st round, where Miguel beat him. The wacky thing was, Ondrej was using Urien Temporal Thunder:eek: Great to meet all the other people I did too, like 9tnine, Rob Ploomer, John Michael(one of the coolest SF players ever) everyone I had to yell at to play 3s, and seeing all the players I know and talk to.


2 King
3 FatBear
4 Ondrej
5 kal el
5 Tao

Trace knows I beast on him for free in GGXX:D I ALMOST HAD THAT PERFECT!!! This post has like no order but I don’t care:)


Good shit to Jmar…Rowtron, you are weak!


I was downright furious at the Marvel setup. Three cabinets. One doesn’t work. One is in an early-90s reject box where you have to look at a screen that’s four feet off the ground from a range of six inches. The third’s in an even worse early-90s reject box where the controls are rotated 15 to 25 degrees off of the parallel of the screen. Note for future reference… cabinets with rotated controls are only good for firewood… not for being the centerpiece cabinet in the primary game at the biggest tournament the NW has ever held.

It was to a point that I spent most of my time in the back playing ST, partly because it’d been so long since I’d had that many people to play at it, and largely because I was just trying to keep my mind off of how badly the MvC2 hardware sucked. Seriously… why is it that Lanwerx tournaments consistently put MvC2 in the second rate hardware? I honestly would have preferred the sit-down cabinet over the crap that was being used.

It was fun playing ST so much, and I hope that there are more tournaments at Lanwerx for it. Because quite frankly, after I got eliminated from ST as well, I walked out the door and never looked back. I honestly don’t think I’m going to come back to Lanwerx, ever, unless there’s another ST tournament there. I’m already mildly tired of MvC2 as it is, and that was just in-freaking-credible. I spent much of the day remarking to people who thought I only played MvC2 that I can’t play CvS2, 3S, and A3 and actually like it because SF2 has ruined me for the inferior crap that’s come out since. And after that experience, I think it may have ruined me for MvC2 as well. Certainly it’s ruined me for MvC2 at Lanwerx.

I’m sorry I didn’t stay around to say goodbye to people, because there’s more than one of you I may literally never see again. But I was simply too disgusted with how that all came down to stay. I hate to be the snake in Eden, but I was extremely disappointed by this tournament.


That was a tight tournament, thanks a lot to Zach and everyone else who helped. Hope to see more of those in the future.

Hey Popoblo, too bad the OCV crew couldn’t make it. I was trying to hold it down in CvS2, 7th place for me.


crazy results, good ish to all the top placers, vids gonna be crazy.


yea any updates on vids?

and what TEAMS were used in cvs2?