Quick OBSF-30 Question

I’m about to begin my dualmod on a madcatz TE ps3 stick (with a 360 pad). The thing is, all the wires in the TE stick are the same color for each button. I’m not suer which one is the ground… so I figure I can find the ground by looking at which wire goes to which pin on the OBSF-30.

Does anyone have a spec sheet that shows which pin on the OBSF-30 is ground? Or does it not matter? I have a multimeter but I honestly don’t know what the best way is to test. Should I just try to test each wire on a seperate grounded surface?

All help is appreciated… thanks. Will post pics up when I begin.

The TE should be a common ground, so there should be 1 wire thats linking to each button, same color. that would be the ground. Since its common ground I believe you can splice into it all you want and have fun.

That’s the interesting thing… each botton has 1 color (2 wires). I figured it out though, the bottom wires on the strip are ground… So I will be splicing the top ones. Now my question is the common ground on the TE PS3 PCB.

Should I just splice the common ground ending from any wire to the PCB or is there a point on the board specifically I should splice?

why are you splicing anything? doesn’t the TE stick have a strip where you can just route all the wire from the 360 board? The terminals should be labeled.

the buttons are just switches meaning when pressed they just connect the 2 wires connected to them, so orientation/direction don’t matter.

any ground point should work if it isn’t in the strip…

Ya I guess I’m not splicing. I’m just going to use the “solderless” method and roll the wires into the quick disconnects and then push them into the terminal.

I still need to Solder the wires onto the 360 PCB. I also still need to connect the 5V+ground on the TE PS3 PCB to the 360 PCB. This is where I’m stuck. I’m unsure where the 5V and the Ground points that I should be using are, on the TE PS3 PCB.

Anyone else done this?

you could trace it from the usb wire(5V red, GND black) then from the place on the board somewhere you’d like to use. You can follow any of the grounds from the buttons to the board and use that as well. I tried googleing diagrams of the pcb, but it should be relatively easy

I think it is marked USBVCC on the MadCatz board. There are 5 contacts on the PCB for the USB cable. Two on one end are ground. The one on the opposite side is the 5V.

Ok I think i have the wiring figured out. I have just one last question… the USB bundle of wires has 2 black wires… one thick and one thin. It is mentioned above that both are ground. Should I only use one when connecting the two PCB’s? Should I connect the two together and then ground it back to the TE PCB? Everything else I have sorted out. thanks for all you guy’s helps.


bmw you think you can take a few pics and post how you done this mod?

like a full guide/instructions on how you did it along with some pics?

it would be a majour help as i want to do this mod myself.

thanks bro