Quick p360 question

I know you can hook it up to the 3.3v. But the controller I’m padhacking has a 3.3v and 7.7v…

So my question is, can I use the 7.7v? And will it short out the p360 if I do?

Out of the two, the chip will prefer the 3.3v; 7v is outside of its voltage specs. Plus, if you use the 7.7v line (that’s where the pad gets the power for rumble motors) then some converters won’t power that line. Use the 3.3v.

K, thanks.

Although I guess using the 3.3v or 7.7v won’t matter.

Wired it to the 3.3v and found out the p360 up and down doesn’t work, only left and right. :sad::sad::sad:

Moral of the story: Never expect good results from used parts. Even if it’s free. T-T

ok I’m getting a p360 installed on my MAS sticks, the one shown here
I am the told there is a small voltage difference in power when using them on systems, so my question is this something I should be worried about when using them on Dreamcast, ps2 or my comp?
I would like to apologize for posting the same question on different forums but I can’t seem to get a straight answer, one person told me to get a USB power converter or battery but I’m not sure exactly what to ask for at any electronics store specifically. Thanks in advance for your help.