Quick poll for intrest in a 2nd SRK Character DLC Poll

We got Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 announced, all characters have been revealed (even it were by leaking, we know the roster)
“So why this thread?” I hear you ask.
Capcom always said if the demand is there they will consider it.
Plus look at SF4’s history, even after AE Capcom isn’t totally excluding further updates.

MvC3 vanilla had 2 DLC characters so why wouldn’t UMvC3 have some?
The earlier we let our wishes known, the better.

As earlier discussed with some of you I was thinking of running a 2nd Official SRK DLC character request petition thread.

However I’m a bit 50/50 on this, as said before better sooner than later, but I’m afraid at this stage in time it will turn into a saltstorm “Charater X or Y”.

Share your thoughts and please vote on the poll.

I wouldn’t say a poll don’t matter, if we all went mute on character requests after MvC3 we would never had Strider i.e.

Wouldn’t Megaman X and Venom just win again anyways?

A lot of work for nothing, people are already incredibly vocal about it. A poll is not needed.

Strider is quite an obvious, brain dead choice from Capcom. So too Virgil and Frank West. The only one that I think that would not have been added if not for fan polls is Phoenix Wright. It will be obvious who is going to win for the Capcom side, and fan polls for the Marvel side is useless since Marvel caters to a different group of audience than the ones who want Venom and Cyclops.

I say yes, and put Thanos up on that.


Wait…is this a poll to know if you should run a poll?

Can’t hurt. And first response had it right, we need some Magik in this game. And Sigma.

Yes dammit, run a poll and slap them in the face with it. Mizz Mahvel, Baybee!!!

Can someone post the result of the other poll?

Edit: found it THE OFFICIAL SRK MvC3 DLC Request Petition

If anything we should aim for Sigma or Asura from Capcom
And Thanos for Marvel, or Cyclops/Gambit

Yeah, I think it would be cool.

But we may as well just exclude Megaman all together from the voting. I say that painfully and begrudgingly, but trust me, this would be smart. He would just dilute the votes since he just cannot be in this game. For what reason I don’t know but whatever, may as well get Sigma if that’s the case.

I can’t say anything too much for the Marvel side of who to not dilute the pool with since they are weird, but we would be best pulling for Thanos. Seeing as how Marvel has a rager for promotion via MvC3, it makes sense. I Especially since I think I recall them not wanting Cyce or Gambit in at all (Again, for reasons unbeknownst to me. Perhaps Capcom used their freebie choice on Shuma).

alot of us would be interested.

Hmm… although it does sound like dictator tactics, it is somewhat logical, it seems Capcom doesn’t want Megaman in MvC3 (all previous polls had him in top 3).

I’ll also want to exclude people who joined in 2011, I want this to be SRK’s voice, not “I’m from Unity and I’ll vote here as well”

5 of SRK votes and 6 of Unity votes made it into UMvC3. 7 different characters that had the highest votes made it in.

The fanbase and devs seem to share some ideas so let’s do it again so if they are thinking the same characters we are, they’ll know we’ll like them.

17 days too late. Curses!!! :rofl: I do like your line of reasoning with this though, as I have seen may new accounts made for such fleeting reasons, and I have no doubt that this would happen.

let me get this straight. this is a poll for a poll?

Yes. Is it really that perplexing? lol

not perplexing, redundant. just put out the poll and let it sink or swim on its own.

Interest check is the responsible thing to do.

im game
id like to know how many ppl we have to vote for since i had 4 that i wanted and i just put an extra two to fit the rule.
i think this time should be 2 Marvel, 2 Capcom since we got some newbies in the game.
Also want the title to say No Unity members/Gaf/Game faqs/anyone joining for the poll only. In bold.
and all caps.