Quick poll : Sanwa or Seimitsu (buttons and joystick : modding a SE)

Hi, I will mod my SE FightStick and I need your opinion on the buttons and joystick from Sanwa and Seimitsu. This is the first time I play fighting games with a joystick so I have no idea of the feel with these parts. Thanks!

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Here is a FAQ that is brought to you by the search button.


Mix them.

I saw that FAQ but I wanted opinions cause I have never played with them. Anyway, I will probably go for Sanwa parts based on popularity.

if you actually read through the FAQ thread, you’ll see that there are opinions on them inside the thread. There are also a lot of other threads on this if you try to use the search function.

here are just a couple threads I found not including the FAQ




Can’t believe this… I bet there are at least 10 new topics like this one per week. Since I joined this forum I made two customs with japonese parts and modded a HRAP3… I got all information I needed by just searching and reading pre-existent threads…