Quick poll: Season 2 characters preferences


Just out curiosity, which 4 characters are preferred by everyone?
I know it’s still a long way before there is a season 2 (or even will be), but some speculation is fun from time to time.

Seems like the recent forums don’t allow multiple poll picks anymore… shame… You’ll just have to pick one then :stuck_out_tongue:
Or just describe 4 characters below


100% TJ Combo for me. He was who I used the most in part 1 for sure.


Cinder for me, it’s been too long.
3 runnerups: Riptor, a new char, and Eyedol (I would love to see a boss char normalized)

I know people want their TJ Combo but someone has to sell Season 3 :wink:


I have a feeling Cinder is guaranteed for season 2 since he’s already been confirmed, but I’d like to to see Riptor and a new male character.


as much as I’d like to see the original cast all back in the band, I’d curious to see what DH has in store for other new characters



This guy’s a most. Can’t wait to see how he will look in the new graphics :smiley:

KI 2 characters pretty much sucked -____-


Kim Wu was my favorite of the new KI2 characters. I love nunchucks and they could make great new use of them in the new game. Wonder which of her special moves she’ll retain. She had a strange projectile where she hopped in the air before doing it and also had an air fireball. If I actually got to play KI2 in the arcades more than 2 times I would have regularly used her.


TJ Combo. For one, he’s one of the main characters in KI’s retarded storyline. For another, I’d really really like to see what they’d do to make him not such a generic Apollo Creed Mike Bison character with SF2 boss moves (Boxer’s rush punch, Claw’s roll, Sagat’s tiger knee).


For me it’s Kim Wu, although TJ Combo and a new female character is great too. She was my favorite KITCHEN character plus I’m a big fan of Bruce Lee like characters


Riptor, mostly because of what he would look like. They did such a great job with sabrewulf


Fixed :slight_smile:


Tusk because “DAAAH” and I really like the spinning sword move and flying kick. He’s a barbarian type character but he’s got a lot of flair in addition to his power.


Ah a fellow lonely voter :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, I loved Tusk his theme in KI2, that’s reason enough for him to make it in a future season :wink:


I still don’t understand why so many people like Riptor. LOL. I do agree that DH would make sure he looks monstrous. Sabrewulf and Glacius look much better now for sure


Me either. He’s always so popular, and he’s just a freakin’ raptor that spits a fireball.


Riptor, but Cinder is a very close second. After that a new male character would be nice.


Jurassic Park and every kid loves dino’s (nostalgia factor).
I do agree that he would prolly look awesome in this update.

If he makes it I do hope they stay true classic dinosaur look.
Not reconned feathered look that Raptors have these days according to science… (looks to fluffy and friendly lol)

I rather see the more old skool Dinosaur look.
Heck he/she may end up more humanoid then we think


Would really love to see TJ Combo come back. Definitely one of my favorites from the original KI. Still love messing around with him in KI Classic. Over time I would also like to see Cinder/Riptor and a new character, but TJ Combo is #1.


TJ Combo.

It’ll be interesting to see his redesign & updated play style.


Jurrassic Park made Velociraptors look bad ass, I don’t see how you could not like him. Sabrewulf vs Riptor rushdown should be hella entertaining if he plays rushdown style.