Quick poll : Should MVC3 be balanced for competitive play?


Hey fellow fighters,

            Just a quick thread on the game's balance geared toward competitive play. If money is on the line, and this game is to last 10 more years in the fighting scenes, should it be balanced or left alone?

Check the poll and make your opinion be heard.



Meh, I really don’t give a shit, I like playing video games and knowing that it’s pretty much impossible to be worse than SSF4 is reason enough for me to get MvC3. If you want to bet money go to a casino and play roulette. I played several times, just pick red/black or odd/even which is basically a 50/50 chance of doubling whatever you bet if you want which is much higher chance than trying to win some shit game tournament. Though I mainly go to those things when there is MMA, Muay Thai or boxing, events and what not. I would like a tactical fighting game, but I’ve grown old enough to know that is too much to ask unless Itagaki decides to make something.


This is day 1. Nobody knows how the game even plays under tourney situations yet. All you’re going to get right now is whining about hypotheticals. High damage and lvl 3 x-factor could potentially mean blah blah blah.

Give it time.


Most people in the fighting scene having been playing for a few days already, Mr Joe Nobody’s opinion doesn’t really matter for the competition scene anyway. Might be too soon, but I’m sure most the glaring issues are starting to pop up.


What appears to be a glaring issue release week is not necessarily something that remains so once the metagame has developed. It’s too damned early to say one way or the other.

Strong stuff is found -> counters to that stuff is discovered -> counters to the counter are discovered -> etc… Right now we’re only on the first step of that.


i agree lets the game come out first before changing anything. damage chip and x-factor is fine in my eyes. after all it is marvel and a vs game


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Pawned lol no ;), but thanks for the answers on the poll people!


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day one and people crying about sentinel already


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It’s far too soon for a thread like this.

Also, read the mvc3 forum rules.