Quick, possibly stupid question

Okay, so my Japanese PS2 came in from Play Asia today. Now I know that the plug is to big for the US outlets, but the operation manual says I can unscrew the adapter and have a normal plug. My only real question is will this work or will it cause some electrical based problems? I’d rather not fuck up on this.

Thanks in advance.

Japanese and US plugs are the same. Sounds like it might be a European plug.

Post a picture

Well, I can’t post a picture, but I can give you a description. Hell, I don’t even think I need to do that, the plugs head has a “Harlow England” stamp on it and says Euro converter plug.

its not a stupid question you know scince youre dealing with imports you’re being pretty modest. what i would do is go to a radioshack or a store like that and look for converters (for plugs). since they have u.s to europe converters they should have europe to U.S somewhere right?

Yeah it’s a pretty common thing when buying stuff from overseas. I buy a lot of phones and they all have the European plug with a US adapter.

if its a slim PS2, dont they use power bricks? Why not just by a US power brick? If it is a fat one and uses the same ‘lamp cable’ type cord, why not just use another cord like from any other console like xbox or dreamcast uses?

ahh yes! i forgot about that ( i have a chunky ps2)
its just like all those old sony camcorders and radios. you just buy a new power brick. excellent idea. this way you have the old one in case you ever end up in Europe or you could even sell the old one

See, that’s why I’m asking you guys. This is my first time dealing with this kind of thing and like I mentioned in the first post, I’d rather not fuck up. So from what you guys are saying I should get a US power brick? Would that be easier than just removing the Euro converter that is currently on the PS2?

EDIT: Yes, it is a slimline. Can’t believe I didn’t mention that earlier.

If it’s a Japanese PS2, why doesn’t it have a European plug on it?

I’m not entirely sure. Trust me I did make sure I knew what I was buying. To be a little more specific (and according to the invoice and my memory) it’s a Asia, NTSC J PS2, which I was led to believe can play NTSC J titles, which it seems that most the ones I want are. Again, I don’t know exactly why the plug is the way it is, I just need to know the best/safest/easiest way to make it work for me.

Find a friend who also has a slim US PS2, take it over, and see if your JP one works with his power bar. If so, buy a new power bar. If not, buy a regular JP power bar from an importer, and it WILL work on US power.

EDIT: God damn Ive been programming too much lately. Im just thinking entirely in ‘if/then/else’…Shoot me if I ever use switch/case in regular conversation

Sounds good, I have a friend that has a US slimline. I’ll give that a shot next chance I get. May not be all that soon but I can tough it out. Any other suggestions?

just look on the ps2 and MAKE SURE the voltage on the sticker on the back says 120V. if it says 220V, give or take, its european and needs a power converter.

as long as it says 120v, just get the proper cable(which you can get at any store) or get a euro>US adapter. id rather get a regular cable tho. or if you have another ps2, you can use that cable as well

Sony PlayStation 2 ASIA comes with a BS 1363 power plug,
used in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.
The AC adapter accepts 100 Volt to 240 Volt at 50 hertz or 60 hertz.
(That is stated in the orange bar on the AC adapter, that big block.)
You can actually just get another cord for it.

It is NTSC J and plays region 3 DVD videos.
It is labeled SCEI.

Whereas a Japanese Sony PlayStation 2 would play region 2 DVD videos.
It is labeled SCEJ

So by “get another cord for it” I’m assuming you mean I can keep the actual brick itself without worry of damaging anything.

That’s what he’s saying. Check the sticker on the brick itself, it should confirm what he said. If so, replace the lamp cord portion.

Good stuff Takahashi

Thanks a bunch guys, that was less of a hassle than I thought it would be.