Quick Q's About SE

If I were to buy another PCB for it (one thats already dual-modded), will it fit inside?

It’s possible to drill holes in the faceplate right?

I keep trying to dash with my joystick and it only does it half the time but it moves perfectly, did I mount it to the SE wrong?

My “Y” button works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’ll work for a couple minutes then just stops. Did I wire it wrong?

  1. Probably. There’s a ton of space inside of it. If you mean a Paewang 360/PS3, then yes, you should be able to fit it just fine.
  2. With the right tools. If you have something that can safely cut through a few millimeters of metal, then of course you can.
  3. Depends on the stick that you’re using. If it’s the stock one, there’s your problem. Replace with some better parts.
  4. Possibly, but again, you can pop out another button and put it in place of Y using the wires attached to Y, if it works fine, then your button is just broken, a common problem with the SE. Replace with better parts as well.

Just to help a bit more. What Nerrage said is enough I think, but if you have more time. Here is my post.

  1. It works with PS3 pad hack AND Xbox pad hack in the same box. Just make sure wiring is not too tight and you should have room to moves stuff around easily.

  2. Drilling hole: Yes. Drilling holes for anything: No. the face plate is not strong at all, if you want to use a different stick, it might have support issue and need another support plate. So depends on what you needs the drilling for.

  3. Same opinion as Nerrage.

  4. Probably button having problem. Same opinion with Nerrage. Try switch it to some other buttons and see if the switch in the button have worn out.

I got a quick q, My SE stops Responding Randomly out of nowhere sometimes, but all i gotta do to get it working again is Reconnect it. What could be the problem?

Again, I’d have to just say it’s the SE’s stock parts not doing so well. Maybe you have a PCB problem, but in most cases, it’s just the quality of the stock parts being a cut below true arcade parts.

I got all sanwa’s and an ls-40-01 hooked up

Mine is a fully Modded SE. I believe it is the PCB, but im not sure on what to do, i looked for Shorts and dont see any.

I found the culprit for the Y Button! One of the QD’s aren’t staying on… Should I replace with a new QD?