Quick question about a law


Say someone takes a picture of me without my consent, puts it on a shirt with slanderous text and sells it. Can I get this person in trouble with the law for it?


We’re gonna need a hell of a lot more context to answer 1st amendment questions. On top of that you have to prove that the person who made the t-shirt has financially damaged you by doing so.


When I have these sorts of questions, I open a directory and phone up an attorney. I suggest you do the same. They are usually willing to laugh at you at no cost.


No you don’t.


No. Maybe civil court. It will cost you money and you have to prove it. You might send a ‘cease & desist’ letter, but without the threat of real legal action that could be taken, it’s meaningless.


Because a bunch of forum-goers knows more about these things than an actual lawyer.


Thanks for the info.

@d3v: How typical. You can lock the thread now if it makes you feel any better.


You should feel honored that some asshole took the time to go through all of that. Must mean you are doing something right.


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He’s mad because I made fun of his Mugen fighting games. True story.


Why not take a picture of him and out-troll him?

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Depends on where you live.


Sounds like defamation to me. What state are you in?


Kill the someone. It is more effective than the law.


I live in Florida and he lives in Illinois. I don’t even care anymore to be honest… He’s just some morbidly obese loser who has been trying to get an associate’s degree for the last 6 years.


This sounds awesome. More details


Link to the shirts.


If you were willing to open a thread in General Discussion to see whether you can take Legal action against him, I think he sufficiently rustled your jimmies over this.

Also yes show us said shirt.


Everyone on the internet has an IQ of 140+, so probably.


Except or the guy that made this thread.