Quick Question about Adapters

I have a ps3 madcatz stick, and am trying to get it to work on my PS2. I tried using the usb on the PS2 and needless to say it did not work. Does anyone know of an adapter/converter to make this work? It’s my only fight stick and i really wanna play some capcom vs snk 2 on my ps2.

You’re out of luck on adapters. I don’t know how your soldering skills are, but you could always padhack a ps2 pad and use an adapter for ps3 use, or go for a MC cthulu board.

Ah…so you’re saying replace the board in my current and only stick. Damn, that sucks…guess im not gonna be playing this game cause i cant see myself buying a joystick for a single game.

yes that’s what I’m saying, but you can buy a lagless InPin ps2->ps3 adapter for pretty cheap so that you can use your stick on both the ps2 and ps3.

That sounds like the answer I was looking for.

Thank you Sir.