Quick Question about Alpha 3

What are the tourney rules for it?

You’re only allowed to use Shin Ryu and Akuma. The only move you can hit your opponent with is Raging Demon, and the only groove you can choose is X.

Damn, those tournaments can get competitive.

You won’t find a hell of a lot of A3 tourneys these days, but I’ll try to help.

As far as secrets go, they allow you to use Boxer, and I think Juni and Juli as well. I don’t know anything about the special modes. I would assume that at least Classical and Shadaloo mode are banned, and I don’t know why anybody in their right mind would use Mazi or Saikyo in a tourney setting.

I’m pretty sure there’s more stuff I’m not remembering, but this is a start.

Yeah i’m trying to find out rules about what Isms are legal and what characters.

Like do people allow the console characters these days?

Even though Alpha use to be such a big game, its still hard to find concrete info about it.


V X A/Z are the only isms that’s allowed.

Console Only Characters are not allowed.

mazi and saikyo are banned, i presume thanks to Vega’s and Karin’s 99% throw in saikyo. safe to say classical is banned too.

for playable characters, Balrog (boxer) is allowed - note of course that arcade Balrog isn’t the same as console Balrog.

and that’s really all that comes to mind…

This was good.

goes without saying but game freezing glitches are banned like katobi freeze after KO finish

Is there any where where I can find the basics of the game?

I tried the alpha section, but I can’t really find that much.

is classic mode really banned? I don’t see why it would be.

No guard crush can potentially breack some matchups I believe