Quick question about Arcade Stick electronics

This is the art I’m going to put on my stick. http://tinypic.com/r/2en6gc9/7
Where that rectangle is I had the idea to mount a small LCD there that would play a video whenever the stick is plugged in. First of all is this even possible? I don’t really know much about stick circuitry. Secondly would having something like this on the stick cause the buttons and joystick to be less responsive?

*** First of all is this even possible?***

Secondly would having something like this on the stick cause the buttons and joystick to be less responsive?

The problem is that hacking the electronics to do this is not for a novice. You will need to find some type of cheap device to play a video. Perhaps you can find an old zune or something. The problem is the placement of the LCD is not in an ideal place, and also you will need to have some “Ben Heckendorn” like skills to cleanly get an LCD on there, on top of making sure it is durable for any casual abuse that would come from regular rough arcade stick use. Slamming down the buttons and wiggling the lever is anything but gentle.

It could always be possible! Because Tech Talk! Just be sure you get one that won’t drain more power than a USB device will output (500 mA @ 5VDC / 2.5 Watts max). If you can get one that runs at 5V or less, it’s easy to get the power from the USB 5V and ground lines. You can step down the voltage with a diode easily, but stepping up the voltage can cause you to easily drain too much power.

It won’t effect responsiveness of your PCB. Just tap into the main power line of USB to power up your LCD screen, won’t touch the data lines of the PCB, so no worry about lag. But my problem would be figuring out a way to give the LCD screen a video. Could gut from an old mp3 player or something.

I think the LCD video system might have to run from its own battery power supply rather than the PCB’s 5 volts.

Gutting a old MP3 player could work, but are you just want a video screen on your stick or something that responds to your button presses.

I seen a similar hack done on a Agetec, a older B&W screen taken from a cell phone with custom electronics driving the screen with real time info.
Actually I see this hack working more on a Agetec than a Mad Catz TE. Since the Agetec was designed to have a screen from a Dreamcast VMU showing.

Hell hack the screen from a old Dreamcast VMU.

@rtdzign You say the screen location is in a bad spot. Where should I relocate it too?
@Nerrage I planned on using the LCD screen from one of those small digital picture frames that show images/videos off of a memory card. Can you recommend me one that wont use more than 5V?
@Darksakul You say you think that it should run off of it’s own power supply. How would I accomplish that? I don’t want something that I’m going to have to charge separately, that’s why I would prefer if it ran off the power it received when plugged in.

Also thanks to all of you for your input on this. My knowledge of stick electronics is subpar at best. So the help is greatly appreciated.

Well, I honestly don’t know how much the digital frames run off of, but the size of the turbo panel isn’t very large, and I don’t know any that fit that size.