Quick question about check in for tournament only players


Do we still check in like the other players? Last year players received badges with the program and Tshirt ticket. Do we check in and still at least get the program and ticket? As i wanted to make sure that i get my EVO shirt and KOF shirt and a brochure for keepsakes since i dont get a badge. Thank you in advance.


I was actually curious about this myself. My KoF match is at 8 AM. With no badge to ID myself how will the judge know I am who I say I am when I show up. The shirts and the brochure are pretty much the only thing im planning on being able to take home since a check is kind of out of my league :stuck_out_tongue:


im suprised more people arent wondering about this. i hope for an answer soon.


Yes you still check in and will get all the goodies that we are giving out + tshirt. You just wont get a badge with your registration.


Thank you sir!!