Quick question about EVO badges


This is my first EVO, so I’m not sure how it goes. but i was curious to how we get our badges. i have a player and spectator badge. do we get them at the venue morning of or are they mailed to us? thanks.


You pick your badges up at the venue first day…


okay, thanks for clarifying geese.


why did you buy a spectator badge when your a player? you don’t need both. Find someone to buy it


Evo badges are non transferable


not the player badge, but the spectator one. I know player badges are non transferable.


Megaman, I bought a spectator pass for my girlfriend. she went last year and she was hype about it and wants to go again


Anyone know when the even opens? Flying in friday and would like to know when it starts.


8am friday.


val on top of his game… batman love the avatar