Quick Question about Option select

What is it?

basically you cover all bases by executing a certain way, and let the computer pick the best option for you.

a simple example would be to tap forward before you throw. if they attack, they will get parried and thrown. if they don’t attack, they’ll just get thrown.

another example, for dudley, would be to whiff s.RH’s while buffering exMGB. if the opponent sticks a poke out, it will get hit by the s.RH and you will cancel into exMGB immediately. otherwise, the s.RH will just whiff.

but i heard it has something to do with like waking up…waking up and poking or parrying or avoiding throws or something like that, maybe its called differently…

Se)(packets is right. Option selecting just means that you do 2 or more things, and let the computer decide which one is the best option. But you’re probably thinking about option selecting specifically in terms of teching throws while crouching. You press lp+lk while crouching; if they throw, you tech their throw, and if they don’t throw, you stick out a cr.lp, which is safer than a whiffed throw animation.

BK posted something on his blog about how Yun can option select throws with lp+lk+mp, so if they throw, you tech, and if they don’t throw, they walk into a cr.mp, which you can hit confirm into a lunge punch.

Something like that.

Yeah thanx a lot…:tup:


That’s SGGK, an option select which uses kara throw:

  • opponent do nothing/block --> you throw him
  • opponent want to throw you --> tech throw
  • opponent want to hit you --> you parry, then kara throw is “broken” and only the “normal” part of it comes out, normal that you can then confirm into something else like a super


god, ive been doing this for ages, never read about it.

For chun-li, i have not tried low parry but if you tap forward and then kara throw with HK, if opponent hits you, you parry then for some reason, KARA THROW still comes out and wiffs, it could be cause i hold forward after taping it to direct the throws direction