Quick question about parrying

I’ve noticed that the game prevents you from parrying in a direction you just tapped, even if you let it to go to neutral for a split second. For example, I can tap down and then parry something high, but I can’t tap forward and do it. However, if I hold forward, let it go to neutral and then tap it after, it lets me parry right away.
If this is so, is there any difference between tapping forward/down to parry and holding it or pressing it down longer? Like does it stay out longer if I tap it or anything?


That should answer your question.

i cant reply to that post but.

are you sure about air parry being 21 frames separate? because i tap forward around 3 times when i jump, right after leaving ground, one in air, one when i come down, and im not sure how many frames those are but i always happen to manage to get the parry in the 2nd or 3rd one. 21 seemed a bit short giving u the ability to parry again.

I got the information from a Japanese website. I assume it’s accurate.

All those frame limitations mess me up. I’m used to games with parry buttons, where if you need to do it, it’s always going to come out period.
Tons of times in this, I guess right, but end up eating something anyway, because I walked into whatever they were doing instead of parrying it. Stuff like walking forward and parrying something or parrying directly after a block is a pain in the ass for me.
It’s the whole “return to neutral before you parry” part that kills me. Feels unnatural as hell.

Also, about red parries, for a multi-hit move, is it only the first red parry that has the smaller parry window or all the ones following as well?

Only the first.

I believe cvs2 when you low parry low once then high (or the other way around) there is no restriction on how far apart they need to be. Or something…
to be clear I’ll quote form buk’s system guide:

So maybe the forward parry in that example doesn’t actually count, which sounds less broken and realistic I suppose. Anyway, my quesiton is if it’s the same in 3S.