Quick question about PCB's

Been lurking the community for a while…ok for a real long while. Nonetheless I have a quick question. Im looking to build my own stick but having a hard time understanding some of my options when it comes to picking a PCB. I primarily will be playing on PS3’s but in the event I end up going to tourney that is using an Xbox I still want to be able to use my stick. Ive read all I can about dual modding which involves the use of a sacrificed xbox controller. Ive been looking at akishops PS360 PCB and the ChimpSMD. From what I understand toodles’s set up still requires the second PCB from an xbox pad…what I havnt been able to find out is if the PS360 works with both out of box. So i guess my long winded question is…does the PS360 work immediately with xbox and ps3 without anything else. A simple yes or no works.
Thanks in advance!

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes. PS360 is great for first time modders. =)

Awesome thank you! I guess the only thing you lose when using the PS360 is auto detect? Thats what i understand from what Ive read.

for what u looking for, i agree with ps360. correct there is no autodetect but i understand it will store what system you used last so no button press on system plug in on the next go round to my knowledge. hope that helps and good luck with your build

What is the best option for a 360 PCB that isn’t Madcatz? (other than the PS3 360)

I’m going to replace my TE pcb since it developed the RH button failure problem, and I’m not interested in another potential problem with Madcatz stuff. Has anyone found a cheap common ground 360 board that’s a solid option?

paewang pcb or hack a controller or fightpad and wire it to another board like MC Cthulhu or DualStrike, etc

Paewang is out because it isn’t cheap. I know that a padhack is in order, what I’m asking is if anyone has a recommendation for a specific non Madcatz 360 pcb. (sub $25 or so)

Failing that I will just go with a PS360 for ease of use.

i Think honestly that is the exact reason i want to try the PS360. It looks extremely easy to use.

Is there a non MC 360 pcb that people padhack? A licensed 360 or Hori pad would be expensive. Also, I’ve not heard complaints about hacked MC pads going out. I have done a number of them without button issues like the TE.

The Madcatz fightpad PCBs are a lot better than the fightstick PCBs from what I have heard and will last longer. Otherwise if you aren’t satisfied with that, local store with used controllers is your best bet (since you are going for cheap).

because how the xbox sees controllers, you dont have any options. liscensed controller, third party controller, fightpad or ps360 or paewang pcbs are mostly ur options for anything on the 360 atleast…or get it from another 360 fightstick but you will most likely have to do more soldering…