Quick question about quick disconnects

Hi guys, I am wanting to get some quick disconnects to daisy chain my ground in my arcade stick. What type of quick disconnects do I need? size etc. And is it male or female ends I want?

Thanks guys.

get these if you have japanese stick components, i.e sanwa or seimitsu - http://www.lizardlick.com/LL-Quick-Connect-110-Insulated_p_184.html
or get these if you have american components i.e. happ or IL - http://www.lizardlick.com/LL-Quick-Connect-187-Insulated_p_191.html

Sorted, thanks.

You want Female Quick Disconnects. There is no certain “type” you need, though. You can use Insulated, Non-insulated, or Open Barrel style. Most people use Insulated, they are cheapest. Those are ones listed by chuu.

You need .110" size for any Sanwa or Seimitsu button. You need .187" size for Happ button or any joystick that requires Quick Disconnects.

Make sure to buy at least 5-10 more Quick Disconnects than you need.

For every stick mod I’ve ever done, I usually screw up at least once or twice before I get QD’s on all the wiring for my pushbuttons!