Quick question about safe jumps


i kinda get what it is but could someone elaborate and tell me about how it is performed


Deep breath… well the best way to explain this is a video i guess… all of your questions should be answered…


EDIT: Works the same way in SF4…I’ve seen option select DP’s used after a safe jump…


Basically, it’s a free jumpin after you get an untechable knockdown(sweep, throw, super, ultra). After a sweep, you jump immediately. The others require you to pause, and time it yourself. It’s kind of complicated in sf4, though. Some characters, like the shotos(ken, ryu, akuma) cannot be safe jumped at all. Some characters can only counter a safe jump with an ex move, super or ultra. Those you can only safe jump when they don’t have those meters stocked. A few characters have no counter for a safe jump at all, like Ibuki. For specific examples, check out the character subforums. Most should have some type of safe jump thread, or at least a conversation about it somewhere.


ok thanks guys thats what i thought it was but just needed it explained a bit better