Quick question about SE Mod

So I’m eliminating the L1 and L2 on the face of my SE stick and I would like to know the most effective way to do this. Should I just leave them uncut on the artwork and place it over them? Is the lami label strong enough or would it eventually dip in? I don’t want to use button plugs, and I’ve seen other SE sticks that have gone this route. Thanks in advance!

It should be fine if you just place it over the empty holes, but to be safe you’d be better off using button plugs, don’t really see why you wouldn’t.

I just don’t like the looks of them

The way I did it was layered a couple of pieces of electrical tape on the underside of the panel (Not directly ontop…so basically it layers: Plastic case, Tape, Metal panel, Artwork), Hasn’t dipped for me and shouldn’t if you don’t apply too much pressure over the exact indents of the holes.

Otherwise, your other option is plugs.

Personally, I layered my artwork over a hole cover. Avoids the look of it, as well as strongly reinforces it. However, I used laminated glossy photo paper, so I’m not sure how lamilabel would act. I got Seimitsu button covers, and they only make a small lump, but I could understand why you wouldn’t want to. I’d definitely go with the tape route, don’t want to leave it completely unprotected.