Quick question about Seth


Hey everybody, how come when I use Seth in trial and training I am able to use his Hard jumping punch where his ams becone really long…i think the move is called yogi sniper? However, the move is not possible in Arcade…can someone tel me why please? Thanks!


That move was removed in arcade edition. When you do trails in SSF4:AE, it resets back to the Super version move sets.


Ohhhhh I see. Why was ot removed? That sux tbanks for the answer


The move was probably removed because of it’s ability to completely shut down some members of the cast, most notably Zangief, who literally had no answer for the move.


If its any compensation he still has the grounded fierce version of it in AE


The only character who didn’t have an answer for j.HP was Guile. Even Zangief had an answer for it in Super.
Anyway, it was removed because they wanted to retool Seth in AE as a more rush down oriented character. He had arguably the best zoning in the game at the end of Super, as well as having one of the best oki games (possibly the best if given time to evolve), and keeping those tools would have made him outshine everyone by miles.


Why are you worried just use your dive kick.