Quick Question about SFAC on PS3

I checked out the official PS3 backward compatibility site and it claims that there are no problems. But I’m having some difficulty and I’m not sure if it’s free from input lag or overall lag.

I don’t have any evidence other than personal observations. I’m making this post to know if anybody else has had similar experiences or knows the actual answer. I could be wrong due to my lack of experience with each of the games on console (I’ve only played them in arcades up until now).

BTW I am using a PS3 USB joystick to play it on a 60GB PS3.

BC on ps3 just sucks. that is all. too many lag issues

Yeah, after playing 3S on a PS3 in one of the hotel rooms at FRXI this past weekend, I can say there is an unplayable amount of lag. Seriously, go buy a used ps2 or something.

Hmm that makes me curious, does that apply to the ones with the emotion chips or the ones without it?

Hmm, I play HSF2 on mine, I’ve used my Sixaxis and my DS2 using the RS adaptor. No porblems never felt different. 3S I havent played on my PS3 as I dont have a save with all SD’s unlocked.

Same, I didn’t feel any lag. I do have the 60BC with the second last newest update. Which by was just released a week ago or something like that, so it’s been fine for me for a while. I’ve been using 2 Pelicans as well.

Well thanks for the replies. Looks like a mixed bag… The only other variable that I can think of is the PS2 settings on the PS3. Either that or somebody’s going to have to bust out the LED switch and test it out! No really, can somebody do this?

What TV are you using?

Just a regular one that came out in like 2005. It’s not LCD/Plasma/HD or anything. However, the screen is ‘flat’ in the sense that there is no arch bellying out. But the rest of the TV goes back by at least a foot.

It could be because of the Emotion Chip, this chip is basically a PS2. Yours VPT_Whatup, might not have it. They are not included in 80 gb/40 gb/120 gb. Only in 20 gb/60 gb.

I don’t have any lag on my ps3, i have the 60 gb backwards compatible one. Maybe the 80 gig has problems?

My 60GB lags like a motherfucker on my HDTV (but it’s still less than with my PS2 through component). I think it’s safe to say that 480p and above is NOT an option for lag free play.

I have a question about the XBox version though. Does it lag in 480p mode?