Quick question about TE RD 1


Does the balltop supposed to be spin-able like that? I thought it would be fixated.


the ball itself should not spin but the shaft will spin

meaning the balltop must not come off


Your balltop might be loose. Open the TE by removing top plate hex screws. Then locate the underside of the joystick and insert flathead screwdriver in notch and tighten the balltop, then close back up and you are good to go.


I mean, its turnable 360 and all but even if I keep spinning it it doesnt come off, can someone show me a vid of them trying to revolve their balltop? Ya the shaft spins and my balltop as well.

EDIT: Here’s a better wording for my problem, When I hold the balltop then twist it, it twists, so I opened the top and twisted the ball top, I saw the shaft twist as well, is that normal?


overtightened and stripped?


i’m assuming you haven’t played on japanese sticks yet. but yes, this is completely normal. the shaft will spin with the balltop.


Yea, its my first time on a japanese style stick, so its normal? Thanks


The shaft spinning with the ball top is normal. If you want to tighten/loosen/remove the ball top you must put a flathead screwdriver in the slot at the bottom of the shaft to keep the shaft from spinning.


^ GOOD INFO! I’m glad to know this, I already have a custom dust washer to put on my TE as soon as it comes in