Quick question about the HRAP VX-SA

I noticed this stick’s button layout is different than other 360 sticks, specifically, B, X and Y are on the top row:

Does this change the controls in SSF4:AE? As in, the furthest top left button (B) is now MK, as opposed to LP (how it’s supposed to be on most sticks). It would be really annoying to have to reconfigure the controls on every 360 you play on.

Yes, it does change the controls in AE. There is a controller preset for this layout (Arcade Type-C if I remember right).

in AE just change the controller type to “arcade stick type a” and it will be fine.

And if you play other fighters its very easy to change the control layout, i own one of these. Im dumb enough to not have checked the other layouts and keep making custom ones when playing fighters on my hori stick as well lol im glad to hear theres a layout allready :slight_smile: thanks!