Quick question about the rom

which way of sjing is most efficient/easier?

uf df

Does this apply both vanilla and ultimate?

Vanilla: U sj, addf j,H
Ultimate: UF sj, addf j.H

Is it just me, or is airdash straight down faster in Ultimate? (or was is that way in Vanilla too?)

In the corner, I gotta say that I find sj straight up M into airdash straight down H to be by far the easiest variation… I can get tons of reps, but I’m pretty crappy at all the other ones.

it is faster, it stayed the same from vanilla, whereas DF etc were tweaked.

I can do the rom in vanilla pretty consistently, but in Ultimate, whenever i sj up forward i sometimes get em disruptor. Any tips?

Develop inhumanly clean execution or find a different BnB.

Fixed because I saw him do this shit at NEC.

Well, I stand by my previous remark. I’m pretty sure he was manufactured by Honda to have perfect execution.

You’ve been checking out that Season’s beatings 5-on-5 vid? MarlinPie destroyed fools on that. So pretty. Toyota Prius status.

When he styled on F. Champ. That was glorious.

Shave the back of his head and you’ll find the Honda H