Quick question about the sanwa pushbuttons

This is more of a circuit question.
lets say you have power running through 1 wire. You take off the wire, cut it and put in a sanwa in the middle of it.
Does the signal run when it’s not depressed, and breaks it when it is?
let me know, i am interested in using this for another project i have underway.

Yes, I believe what happens when you press a button is it connects the ground with the signal wire, thus breaking the connection which tells the PCB that the button has been pressed.

but does the same thing apply when it is a single signal path?

It does, it is like an on / off switch.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you are describing sanwas as a NC switch. Sanwas and seimitsus are NO switches. Although if you use something like Happ push buttons you can connect them to be NO or NC.

no, i understand they are momentary pushbuttons, i am just wondering if the signal stays active when not pressed, and gets cut when pressed.

Well as I said before, they are NO switches, meaning the circuit between the two leads of the microswitch is normally open. Thus current only flows when you push the button down.