Quick question about this arcade stick

Came across this here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Red-Ball-8-Way-Joystick-Fighting-Stick-Parts-for-Game-Arcade-/261063136770?pt=UK_Video_Games_Coin_Operated_MJ&hash=item3cc8935602 can anyone tell me more about it? it looks like a jlf copy to me but not sure. And does anyone know if they have the same fittings etc. Modding my blaze two player bit by bit, used a spare madcatz jlf copy in one side (fits very well). Not really wanting to spend a lot on it, I don’t really use the blaze stick but I do enjoy changing out parts of things (modded some madcatz sticks, new buttons sticks etc nothing special apart from my pad hack one I did)

It does look like a JLF Clone. Keep in mind no JLF clone acts or performs like a actual JLF.
I think it is very funny that a UK eBay listing has terrible Engrish. There no guarantee that authentic parts are compatible with this.

£6.79 or $10.38 (US) does sound like a deal, but remember you get what you paid for. I just got a hold of Qanba’s JLF Clone, and man is it an Injustice to all humankind.

StarCab has a JLF for 21.53€ incl. VAT

arcadeshop.de has a JLF for 24,95Euro + VAT.

If you ask me the increase in cost is more than worth it for the quality you are getting.
You want a joystick that last till this June or do you want a Joystick that is going to last the next 20+ years with proper maintenance?

If you do not use the Blaze stick, then why bother spending any money on it?

This makes as much sense as having Margaret Thatcher pose for playboy.

Just for a project to do to keep my skills up and learn some new things is my reason really. The knock off JLF stuff is probably better than the stock parts too :slight_smile: stock sticks are those with the square white bases that tend to be in all of the cheapo sticks.

(was even going to buy and mod a psONE just for the hell of it. Still might actually and give it to a friend or something!)

Ah, something I can help with.

Ok, first off, although those EU shops are great, arcadeworlduk.com should be your main UK destination for parts if you live in the UK.

However, if you want a cheap JLF, madcatz sell them on their uk site for £17.99 (don’t think they have many left, I got their last white one). Also, some guy on ebay is selling a few for £18.95.

The one you’re looking at is likely junk. It will very probably not be an improvement over what you are already using.

Edit: just took a look at pics of the stick, looks like fitting a jlf will take some modding of the case to fit.

You might get away with mounting an LS-32 to the existing holes, though. You can get zippyy sticks (ls-32 clone, actually recommended) for about £9 from arcadeworld uk, videotronics uk.com has some ls-32s for £15.99 as well.

Nice addition, I do not know the UK market so I did not think of checking the gameshark store or the UK version of eBay.

I agree if you want to keep your skills sharp, “practice how you going to play” If the OP going to treat it all as Junk there no reason to swap out parts at all.
There is a difference between being frugal (or being a smart shopper) and being cheap.

Been using gremlin solutions for my arcade parts, which are decently priced. As for modding the case, All I did to fit in the mad catz jlf was take off the mounting plate, modded two holes in the stick black part of the casing (made them bigger) and then slot it over the bits where the stock one screwed in. Fits tight without even using screws, but as a more secure solution I’ll just cut those shafts down and add a large screw.

Not treating it as junk, I do plan to use it at some point as an arcade control panel as it would work quite well. What I’ll do for now is buy a seimitsu for my other mad catz stick than use that spare in the blaze one for player 2. Already modded one of my others with a seimitsu (I have 3 of the brawl/tutsunko ones) and found it better than the official jlf.

Thanks for the help anyway, even though one of you came across as a little mean. :slight_smile:

Sorry if that was me, totally unintentional. Too much coffee :slight_smile: