Quick question about Ultra damage

As long as I’ve been plasying this game, I’m still not certain about this. Are there only two stages of damage to an Ultra: half and full, or does it scale up as it fills until it hits full damage?

I’ve always wondered this too. I think there is just two levels but, I could be wrong.

Put it in training mode, turn on the damage indicator - have the dummy hit you until you get to the half, do the ultra. Have them hit you again, then you do the ultra again. Repeat. If you see different values at different stages then its more than two levels. I know the answer, but instead of giving it to you I’ll teach you to fish :slight_smile:

The difference between curiosity and laziness.

Haha, almost got me to do it. Just do somemore research.

There’s 4 teirs…I think. A while ago I noticed that sometimes as the game is ending, you can see the ultra meter split up into sections.