Quick question about wake up standing frames

It goes that when a person is getting up from a knockdown in 3S, that there is a brief window when they are “standing”… such that things like Ken’s standing fierce or Urien’s standing strong which would normally whiff a croucher will connect.

So during this state, you can still block “normally”, but parry attempts have to take into account the problem of attempting to low parry something that you normally can’t low parry… either because crouching would make it whiff, or because it can’t be low parried in the first place… the result being that you get hit if you attempt to low parry these types of “high” moves.

Is there anything more to it than this?
Or is my understanding of it wrong to begin with?

thats about right, i posted about this like 2 months ago in my something interesting thread which all of like 30 people read. but as far as the parry thing, you cant parry something like meaty urien s.mp low, and you cant crouch it either because the meaty hits crouching. you either get hit, block, or parry, there is no crouch.

I once parried Ryu his s.hp low